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Corgis are taking over the world, shaking their furry behinds and winning the hearts of dog lovers everywhere. Lots of fun facts are floating out there about these intelligent dogs. We tracked down a few additional tidbits of information that might surprise you. Now you’ll know all about corgis. Besides, of course, how cute they are, because you already knew that.

      1. Many Pembroke Corgis are Born Without Tails

      They’re born like that! If it’s a Pembroke Welsh corgi, your dog was quite likely born without a tail. After centuries of tail docking, the breed has evolved to be nearly tailless.

  1. Corgis are highly intelligent dogs that are easy to train
They are the 11th smartest dog breed. They are able to follow commands on the first try 85% of the time and learn commands in as short as five repetitions.

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  1. They Come in Lots of Colors
Most people think of one or two color schemes when it comes to a corgi, but the Pembroke and cardigan actually vary quite a bit. Colors include sable, merle, tri-colored, red, black, brindle, and fawn with white markings.

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  1. What’s In A Name?
You now know where "cardigan" comes from, but the word "corgi" is pretty fascinating, too. "Cor" is Welsh for dwarf (although some suspect it may have been originally "cur" for working) and “gi” is for dog. Despite this, the dog doesn't speak a lick of Welsh. You'll have to learn that on your own.

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  1. Worth His Weight In Gold

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi was never traded in gold (although that would have been very cool), but he was extremely valued. So much so there was a law that severely penalized anyone who stole one. In addition to farm work, the corgi was highly valued for his companionship, loyalty, guarding talents, and cattle driving ability. In fact, a family could base its status on their corgi’s skills.

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Five surprising facts about Corgis You should Know !